This entry is for everyone out there that is currently struggling with their fitness goals, and for this entry I am going to focus on weight loss. Sadly today the weight loss industry is made up mostly of companies marketing various different diet plans, weight loss supplements and lower calorie versions of food, shake diets, and list does on.

Millions is spent on weight loss supplements/diets. Now I want you to think back a 100 years or so when we didn’t have access to extreme weight loss diets, weight loss supplements, how would the average person loose weight? Well, they would keep active throughout the day, as nowadays we are more sedentary as ever! They would also eat little and often, and food choices were limited. We have temptations on every single corner, and unless you have extremely good will power these temptations are hard to resist. I never tell my clients to stop eating the foods they love, but it’s about balance, everything in moderation!

I always tell my clients to keep off the scale as well, weight goes up and down all the time, due to various reasons, and I will go into detail about this on another article.

My key principles for a steady and healthy weight loss:

– Look at your portion sizes – Eat in a slight calorie deficit
– Don’t go crazy with your workout routine – 3 days a week max to start! Don’t be hitting the gym hard as eventually this will lead to burn out.
– Eat Breakfast – most important meal of the day to set up your energy levels.
– Do not skip meals – This will cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which isn’t very good for your thyroid health, and also you’ll most likely get so hungry that you’ll end up overeating on your next meal.
– Workout routine – Stick to HITT, circuit training, and strength training to increase muscle mass, which will help raise metabolism, thus help to burn more fat! Maybe throw in the odd run if you fancy it!
– Stick to low gi foods – To balance blood sugar throughout the day and help curb sweet cravings, also fibre helps to keep you fuller for longer

Pros and cons of taking the easy route

I get it your scroll through instagram feeling a little confused on how to get fit and loose weight, and you see a transformation of photo of someone that’s lost let’s say a stone in one month. The real question is do you really know the heath complications of this?

Are there warnings of the SIDE EFFECTS that come with these extreme weight loss diets?

Most of them the answer is NO, and that’s the real issue here! Serious health complications can result from extreme dieting, and I can guarantee you the person selling you this ‘easy route’ doesn’t give a dam about your health, they care about making a buck or too. I bet somewhere down the road most diets sell supplement shakes, bars and various other things, which are loaded with added sweeteners and various other junk!

Pro’s and Con’s of a fast weight loss

Pros Cons
Loose weight quickly Quick weight loss – dramatic reduction in metabolism , which means lowering your metabolic rate. Which will mean you could re gain the weight quickly due to drop in metabolism.
Fat loss Loss of possible muscle mass – Low calorie diets often result in more muscle loss than higher calorie diets.
Sense of achievement Regain the weight quicker – Most studies show that a steady weight loss is preferred and are more likely to keep the weight off in the future! You’re have a far greater sense of achievement if you take the longer and healthier route.
Water weight – Most of the weight you’ve lost isn’t fat, most of it is water weight.
Nutritional deficiencies can occur – e.g. lack of vitamin D, calcium, lack of B12 which leads to fatigue!
Disrupt your digestion – Think about it you’re eating A LOT LESS, your transit will slow down especially if you’re drinking shakes! You’re body has nothing to digest so it becomes lazy = can result in a lazy bowl and oh BLOATING!
Lack of thyroid hormone – Slow metabolism can be due to a loss of muscle and decrease in the thyroid hormone. Basically you’re starving your body. YOU ARE A MACHINE FUEL IT!
Lack of energy and low mood – Due to the lack of food and possible lack of nutrients.

Personally I think the con’s outweigh the pro’s right?

According to the NHS a healthy amount of weight to loose per week is 1-2 pound a week.

No fitness journey is a straight road, you are going to have hurdles to climb over. My clients who have tried various diets and supplements in the past, that have not worked are now loosing weight in a healthy sustainable way, and they say to me they are very excited and enjoying the process, and it doesn’t feel like a chore and most importantly it’s healthy!

You need to patient, results won’t come overnight, it’s in our nature to want quick results, but you will learn to appreciate it when you’ve worked hard for it!

You don’t need any extreme diet, weight loss pill or weight loss shake to help you loose weight, do not let this industry fool you because they are making easy money from something that is so simple yet been made complicated!

I hope I have managed to changed your mind on which route to take. Trust me the long one always works out the best in the end. Please write any comments if you’re currently struggling with your weight loss, and you feel lost on what to do, or where to turn.