Are you constantly feeling fatigued? Struggling to concentrate and sleep? Has your performance dropped?

Even if deep down you know it’s time to take action to slow down, it will not be easy, it will require willpower and the discipline to ease off!

For most of the world right now getting motivated to exercise, is challenging enough right now. However there is a few percentage of people that struggle with the opposite to this, and these people struggle because they exercise too much. Especially during Covid-19 and another lockdown upon us, but at least we can go out to exercise as much as we want!

Exercise and Addiction

Yes exercise can become an addiction, I know this fully myself, and we don’t listen to our bodies, especially when we are driven by our emotions (which I am) ! Most of society is trained to believe that exercise is a great thing (and It is), and that more is better, however like anything in life, there is too much of a good thing, which is simply not good for us.

This is rather a personal article for me, because it is something I have struggled with In the past. I now help and educate others about the implications of over exercising on our health long term. I personally love to be active, to get that endorphin high, (the body’s feel good chemical) you can only match with a good hard workout. However it becomes a problem, when you become addicted to that feeling. In the case of “runner’s high,running produces a flood of endorphins, a kind of internal morphine, which suppresses pain in the brain. It feels euphoric, so you’ll naturally crave to seek that feeling, because the idea of facing emotions is just too painful. Acknowledging a problem is the first step to solving it. Mentally strong people don’t suppress their emotions. Understanding your own emotions in a situation is imperative to solving emotional issues.

Acknowledge The Problem – Find Balance

The problem occurs when you lose the ‘balance’ part, and your workouts start to consume too much of your time, and interfere with your working life, family and social life. Exercise is known for a natural treatment for depression, but it can be taken too far, which can result in health issues down the line!

If you are feeling burned out, tired and lacking motivation, check out my list below for some of the signs of over exercising. Even if deep down you know it’s time to take action to slow down, it will not be easy, it will require willpower and the discipline to ease off, but it is crucial to long-term success and happiness.

Here are some of the signs to look out for if your body is burn out:

  1. Your recovery from exercise is slow, you start to feel awful even after a short amount of exercise.

  2. Your digestion starts to slow down.

  3. You start to feel fatigued most days.

  4. You’re bloated most days – intense exercise can also cause gut permeability, which can lead to an imbalance of gut bacteria. This can affect digestion and nutrient absorption. In extreme cases this can take a long time to recover from. You want to avoid this situation!

  5. You’re starting to gain weight, and fat storage around your middle.

These should be alarm bells for you, that you need to slow down and take a break. No pill or powder will cure your burn out.

Rest is the best remedy. Better yet it doesn’t cost you anything!

I personally suffered with gut permeability, which caused severe IBS issues, along with nutritional deficiencies, due to lack of absorption. It took my body a good year to recover, and with discipline and will power I slowed myself down. It wasn’t easy to establish my inner calm, however I am proof It can be done. When I return to training fully, I will train smart, know when to rest, and know when to push my body, and when not. Look after your body, you are not a machine.