JenUp: An Education Hub for Early Intervention and Prevention for Young People with Eating Disorders

What is JenUp?

JenUp provides knowledge, tools, and support for young people to make healthy & sustainable choices about their diet, fitness and lifestyle without losing control or sacrificing their success.

We see a world where young people are better informed and educated about nutrition and fitness, and they feel empowered to make better educated decisions.

Also a world were parents, guardians and teachers are educated around early intervention and prevention of eating disorders, as we believe teachers will play crucial role in spotting the early signs.

Why I started JenUp?

To understand the context for how and why JenUp came into being, there are probably two things worth sharing up-front..

The first is my own personal journey with an eating disorder. Having got to the other side of anorexia, and experienced first-hand what it takes to overcome it, I’ve since wanted to support others to make healthy life choices – training as Nutritional Therapist and Eating Disorder Coach.

The second relates to the various gaps and drawbacks I’ve seen in the prevailing approach to eating disorders. The lack of community care. The way that young people only qualify for treatment when they’re thin enough. The degree of misunderstanding, the scale of the myths… and the needs for a more balanced, holistic and personal approach.

How might JenUp help me and my school?

We have a variety of different resources available in regards to nutrition, eating disorder information, body image resources and many more. We also offer webinars for parents and teachers on early intervention and prevention of eating disorders and workshops in schools for students. If you’re interested in any of these services please contact me at for more info.

Or visit the JenUp website at